1.22.17 Journal Beginnings

I’m going to start writing some of my posts in a journal entry format, because I discovered that I wasn’t necessarily writing for myself anymore.

 I have a physical journal, that I can undoubtedly get more personal on, but I personally do love the hear the clicking of the keyboard and the convenience of the backspace button to transform and adjust my words. I think I’ll use journal entries in this blog space as a weekly refresher, more or less, when I want to ramble and not sit for hours trying to find the right words to say what I want to say for others to read. I’ll just write, for me. I’ll even time myself so I don’t sit and ponder so much, will thirty minutes be enough? Maybe share the highlight photo off my iphone that week. Not use the backspace button so much, just write. Not re-read every sentence after it’s typed, just write. Not look back on the post and change minor details like I usually do, just write. I want to write for myself a lot more, posts I can re-read without touching to remember the thoughts and reflections I once had.

This week I’ve surprised myself by finding comfort in 45 degree weather. If I were back in Texas, 45 degree would be cold. However, I’ve been cursing loudly under my breath while walking my dog and heading into service in one digit degree weather for too long that I shouldn’t be as surprised as I am to run outside in shorts again with the rise in temperature. We’re unfortunately going back to thirty degree weather this following week, and I think it’s going to snow again…Remus loves it, so I just have to deal with it.

I’m making more conscious efforts to understand myself lately. 2017 so far has been overwhelming in more ways than I can’t even begin to decipher and process to share right now, in all aspects of my life and mentality. I might go into more detail later, when I can actually understand it all myself.

Yesterday the Woman Marches took place all over the cold. I don’t think any took place in Milwaukee, but if they did, I sure did poorly in trying to participate and be a part of it. I searched online everywhere, but to my understanding it seemed Madison and Chicago were the nearest with the protesting taking place. It’s phenomenal and inspirational what took place yesterday, all the women making history and spreading their message all over the globe for all to hear. If I were President Trump, I can’t imagine what would be going on through my head right now. I’d have to find myself moved, at list by a little, to recognize these people feel something I should take notice of and have something to say that I have to hear. As disheartening as it is to have President Trump be our president, I’ve said again and again, one of the only positives to this ordeal is bearing witness that we have a lot of work to do, a lot of hearts to touch, an entire world to change. People are standing together, recognizing the work that has to take place, all beginning by firstly getting the message across. I hope I can do my part too, by continuously educating myself and having the courage to have discussions with those of similar and opposing views when necessary.  I have my experience as an AmeriCorps member thus far to thank for allowing me to discover the role I can have in the movement for humanity.


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