Reasons Not to Live With Your Sister

I’m serious, you’ll regret it. Why?

Because nothing will ever top it, or come close to it. See what I did there? I had the fortuitous experience of getting to live with my younger sister during my last and her first year of college. Getting to share the same space with her again right before I shut and opened a new door into adulthood was exactly what I needed to make it out as intact as I did with her by my side again. This is a list made up of all the reasons why living with your sister is actually the best thing to happen to you since you were old enough to call your own shots away from home in the first place.

1. Reason number one should be apparent, there is no one else you could claim to love and hate simultaneously at the same time and still share a roof with. I don’t care that you’ve known your best friend since you were in diapers, you didn’t spend nights cuddling through a storm despite tearing each other’s hair out an hour before bed. There is no such thing as passive aggressiveness when living with your sister. You can say to wash the damn dishes, I know you didn’t finish my ice cream, that friend you brought over last night was a bitch, can you fuck off for a second, yes my pet just shit on your favorite shirt sorry not sorry, all in the same day and still find yourselves sitting on the same couch watching and laughing television as if in some paralell sibling I’ll murder you and for you universe. I don’t know about y’all, but I need some space even from my best friends when they piss me off; but not my sister. *whine glass clink*

2. Sharing a space with your sister can also be a lot like sharing a world outside of reality. My sister usually isn’t the first person I tell things to, that usually IS my best friend, or friends, therfor having that shared space where you can mentally clock out of reality is really nice to have, especially during college. My sister will undoubtedly know everything eventually, maybe the next day, month, year, it depends…but there are just some things that are nice not even being shared with because my sister doesn’t need to know them just yet. Her thoughts are quite honestly the most important ones to me, but the evasion she provides plainly with her existence from the adult world because I can necessirly choose to allow our younger selves to dominate our hearts are more valuable than any pieces of advice she can give.

4.  Just as they say “your best friend is the sister you never got,” I really think it’s the other way around. Your sister can be the best friend you never asked for but will be more than forever grateful to have recieved. She’s a whole different kind of level best friend, because she isn’t the dictionary definition of a best friend. Your sister is the person who will hold your hair up while you puke with a roll of her eyes instead of comforting words and be the same person who defends you in front of your parents when they judge you. She’s the kind of best friend you can find yourself rolling on the ground with play fighting as if time had turned its’ hands backwards, the only one who will reminensce about the exact same things from your childhood, and whom you could quite literally write an entire book of lines you’ve quoted to each other since the moment you could speak with. She isn’t the best friend who will be brutally honest when you need her to be, she’s just honest, all the time, especially when you don’t want her to be. She isn’t the best friend you want to remind the world you have either, because the world you two share is so self sufficient there isn’t really the desire or the need to include everyone in it all the time. She’s quite really the only best friend who’s worth will always be enough.

5. You can literally, physically, emotionally, and exesentially be you under any or no circumanstances at home. I can assuredly admit that my siblings, especially my sister, is the only person that has seen no walls built for any circumstance. Yes, my best friend since 6th grade comes pretty close to catergorize under the “knows me best” list, but know one really truly knows anyone best except yourself, and I’m not talking about personality or actions; I’m literally talking about your psychological being. Even with friends, there is one little thing you’ll usually have to modify in order to really co-exist, or rather think about why you want/like this friend in the first place; it’s different among every single friend we have. Your siblings, in my case my sister, has had no option but to accept who I am without a single modification since she was born. I can turn every social learned behavior with others off and just exist without a single worry or desire to make sure both minds, or really souls, are mutually benefitting. Basically, my sister and I were forced into a friendship neither of us asked for but got the day each other were born, therfor made accepting every little piece of each other a natural part of life for us; as such affecting living together the mose harmunous living experience I have ever had in college.


Lastly, the best reason to live with your sister is because there’s just bountiless and infinite amounts of hatred and love to be found in every corner, no matter the moment, no matter the day. Having the opportunity to live during my sister’s first year in college is something I’m really glad to have been able to experience and see. You look at us, study even, I think more often than not I’d get catergorized as the younger sister because of the way we carry ourselves; but I know undoubtedly I was born first for a reason, and that reason was to be little sister’s light in the darkest of nights just as she was to be mine when we each least expect it. My younger sister has remained the sun as I am the moon, where I lack she provides and what she needs I give. I recognize her in every way as I know she recognizes me, understanding each other is not the struggle or challenge we were brought with but living without each other from now on will be, at least for me.

I love you sissy, thanks for letting me spend hours without pants on, holding poses for me as I drew, scolding me for never doing laundry, forcing me to be an adult even when I never want to, letting me talk about nothing and everything at any given moment, sharing a bed with me when it stormed or really just because I still hate sleeping alone, having the Japanese language become as familiar to you as English and Spanish because of how much anime I watched, learning to cook with me, loving and being loved by my friends, singing our pet’s lullabies, picking me up when I couldn’t make it home, sharing an obsession and love for working with kids, doing my makeup, teaching me to be more like a grown woman but also allowing me to introduce the child and nerd inside of you, being there for all the family woo’s and woes, and for being the best little sister I could ever have possibly imagined the gratification of knowing.

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