2016, The End of Discovery

It’s the first day of the year 2016, a year I have been anticipating since I graduated high school. I have been equally anxious and excited to reach this first page of 2016, a year that will involve the ending chapter of my college career and the beginning of my future.

When I look back, there are some years that stand as books that have defined sections of my life. From 1994-2004, those 3,650 pages were my childhood, titled Development, right before I entered fifth grade. Memories of Mexico, combining that culture with the United States, and my best friends solely remaining in the family circle. My second book, titled Unidentified, was from 2005-2009. This was the ending of elementary, middle school, and the beginning of high school. This book contains the chapters of my life where I didn’t know who I was, easily influenced by friends and the world around me, portraying someone on the surface that I wasn’t. This was my Hannah Montana double life years, but instead of a secret pop singer, I was a secret artist who felt closer to her virtual friends from art and anime forms than those she went to school with. The third book, titled Inauguration, was from 2009-2012, long story short, high school. The first of many, the first of loves and heartbreaks, the first of passions, the first of fights, the first of rights and wrongs, the first of everything one could look back on and smile on but even more so with a baffled expression of our young selves.

The next book, Discovery, is the book I am experiencing right now, the one that is a bout to end. I knew it would ever since it started. As I experienced Discovery throughout college, I started to figure out the kind of person I became from the previous three books, and the kind of person I want to be for the fifth. Discovery is the title I know many of us would give to the book before Awakening, not very original titles I know, but they are simple enough to get the point across. This is the first day of the last 365 pages of Discovery. These past few years enlightened my heart to love God, which in took the domino effect to everything else in my life. My truest friends appeared, my passions became identified, my goals gained objectives, the gratitude in my family was more understood, and the first stepping stone of where my fifth book would start took place. It is the year 2016, the year I knew even before we started applying for colleges. It was the year of a possibility for me, not a certainty. I didn’t think I could go to college because of many challenging factors, yet here I am, about to walk the stage for my greatest accomplishment in less than five full months.

This year, I’ll be a first generation college graduate. This year, I’ll either be working for AmeriCorp or starting my Public Relation career. This year, I want to accomplish all of my New Year’s Resolutions. My resolutions this year include many things that will promote higher success of my dreams and goals, even if it means sacrificing some other things in order to do so. I will find out what will become of me to begin the fifth book this year, saying I’m nervous is an understatement, but so is admitting my enthusiasm. There is a lot in store for me this year, but one of the most comforting acknowledgements is that I’m not going to go through it alone. I have friends experiencing the same end to their book, family who will be there to guide me as it closes, and God to show me the way to the next one’s opening. I foresee challenges as much as accomplishments, and even more opportunities.

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