Generation of Writers

The book I read for my Social Media class titled Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good – Ann Handly, brought to my attention that everyone in the 21st century can actually be considered more of a writer compared to everyone before the 20th century. Considering yourself a writer doesn’t pertain solely to journalism anymore, or book publishers, blog writers and so on. People who microblog by tweeting, posting a Facebook status, have a LinkedIn profile, or post on Instagram, Ann Handly emphasizes are all writers. Her book was about how to write well and construct and develop captivating and successful marketing content, I recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their writing or understand what consumers, stakeholders and clients now demand from online content from an organization, brand or individual purposes.

In this new day and age where everyone has at least one active social media account, we are continuously sharing content with each other. Aside from sharing articles, we ourselves are writing what we want to be read. From 140 characters, a caption describing a photo, an extensive Facebook post expressing our opinions, an even longer blog post sharing our thoughts or a biography about ourselves for professionals to read. What I realized when I read Ann Handly’s book was that we put content out to be read, so why not put out content that is written well? That is credible? That is trustworthy? That achieves the message we want to put across. Whether it’s a political argument, or sharing an experience of a concert, what would persuade an individual to read what you have to say? I decided a long time ago, I wanted to become a good writer. I fell in love with the power of words, the good they can do, and understanding the bad they can also accomplish. I considered myself an aspiring writer for the past three years, looking forward to one day publish a book, run a successful and informative blog, and become a prosperous Public Relations Specialist. After I read Ann Handly’s book, I realized I already am a writer, and in more ways than I was aware of.

Social Media has given us the ability to express ourselves and connect with each other in ways that have never been done before the 21st century. The Millennial Generation especially have created new types of relationships and communications with each other, almost to the point of depending on it. With something as conventional and serious as Social Media, identifying ourselves as writers is the first step to sharing more improved and captivating content. We are a very opinionated generation, one that demands to be heard no matter what we want to share, so why not write content that will actually be read based on good grammar, trustworthiness, credibility, and persuasiveness. I would argue a lot of Social Media users do not understand the power of words, much more or less the power that Social Media actually has, right on our fingertips. Every individual has a passion, an opinion, a thought, Social Media gives us the ability to be able to share that, if one can acknowledge themselves as writers and understand the potential they have. It’s not organizations, products, brands, government or professionals that should recognize and utilize Social Media to achieve their messages, the average person is also a writer that can share valuable content for the world to read. Everything written online remains on it forever, what I’ve learned is that we should make majority of what we write content to never be forgotten. We’re the generation with more access to the understanding and using the power of words for good, and we should take full advantage of it.

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