I’m the Pumpkin Queen

So, it’s October 1st. I know Fall actually hit a few days ago, maybe a week, but today is the first of October. If you should know anything about me, you should know October is my favorite month. Don’t be mistaken, Spring is my favorite season, there is nothing better than feeling the first warm rays of the sun after months of being a shriveled cold and dry raisin. Did you know raisins are just dry grapes? I didn’t, until last week. I refuse to believe this was a universal known fact, just like “Netflix and Chill” had me naively believe it wasn’t actually hanging out like Phoebe up there. Anyway I’m here to just talk about October, because this month contains a lot of my favorite things, despite midterm’s attempts to kill my festive mood.

October is partially if not most importantly my favorite month of the year because it contains my favorite holiday, Halloween. Guys, Halloween is the bomb. I think I love and treasure it so much because of how much my father loved it, and it was the one night of the year I could turn my fantasy into a realit as a kid. Be it a witch, a princess, a ninja, a fairytale character, a doll, a superhero, gosh I loved dressing up so much I could not convince myself to get rid of any costume I ever bought. Walking down the street asking for candy as a pirate, and everyone else also in disguise felt like my adolescent dreams got their wish granted. Primarily though, it was my dad that made Halloween mean what it does for me. My dad would dress up and play Halloween music throughout the house as if it were Christmas tunes. He’d take us to the Halloween stores as soon as they opened, and we’d watch Halloween movies repeatedl. He would also go all out every year to decorate our garage into a scary creepy haunted exhibit, where kids had to go in risking their lives for a handful of Mexican candy, that may or may not sit well with their tummies. Just kidding we had normal candy too. I’d like to believe my dad started that trend, the “Halloween garage”trend, because ever since third grade when we first debuted our haunted manor many more houses got in on the act. Even as I got older, when I started going to Halloween parties and bid farewell to my precious childhood of asking for candy, I was still if not even more excited to have an even more broad selection of costumes.

Then comes my favorite movie of all time that may or may not have obviously influenced my obsession with this lovely spooky month. The Nightmare Before Christmas has had such a special and dear spot in my heart for as long as my retractable memory can take me. Again, I obviously have my dad to thank and blame for influencing my tastes, he might be the next biggest Tim Burton fan after me. This movie is

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