Today My Other Half Was Born


Twenty-two years ago, the world unknowingly to me got a lot more vibrant a year before I came into it because it welcomed this one of a kind, beautiful, eccentric and whimsical girl named Carlee Niemeyer. I wish I could travel back in time to a younger me and assure her that college was not just going to be extraordinary and something to look forward to because of the doors it would open, but because of the people that would walk into it as well. When I look back to the beginning of walking into the next uncertain, challenging but unforgettable four years of the college experience, her face is one of the first I see at my side through it all. From the beginning, until the very end.


Freshman year is different for everyone, but the emotions felt I would argue are more or less the same. It’s many of our first time independently away from home, looking to see where we fit in into this new batch sea of people while trying to grasp the way college classes actually work. I had my close girlfriends I came to college with, but our tastes differentiated and I knew we wouldn’t join the same organizations, we all had to find our own niche. Lucky for me, thanks to Carlee, it wasn’t hard to find mine when I stumbled into the all female school spirit oriented organization she put together and led. Applying, being accepted, and welcomed in by all these new faces of girls, including the president Carlee Niemeyer at the time, whom I was so ecstatic to meet, get to know and grow with will be something I will always feel grateful and couldn’t thank her enough for. All those tailgates, football games, basketball games, volunteer work, formals, retreats, parties, study sessions, school events, all experienced together¬†with a group of friends I wouldn’t have met or experienced them with without her. For the first two years of my college involvement, being a part of that sisterhood was so meaningful and significant to my happiness and contentment. None of that would ever have been possible, if Carlee Niemeyer hadn’t been born.


During our times as sisters, with her being my president, we had our different sets of friends and didn’t hang out much outside of our organizations events yet. However, when we did unite ourselves…I think our relationship was evidently one we both knew would blossom into the crazy, “how on Earth did I ever live without you!?” kind. If I could describe Carlee in one word, it would unmistakably be “whimsical.” This girl is one of the most humorous, playful, comical, thoughtful and unusual in the most favorable and exceptional type of way. There wasn’t a moment I was not smiling around her, and goofing off every chance we got. I don’t think still to this day have I found someone to act like a child at heart with besides this girl. I know every moment and day I’d spend with her would leave my stomach sore from laughing for too long, and wishing we had a camera crew to debut our personal reality show just so others could also spread the joy I always feel when I’m with her. She makes anyone, absolutely anyone, really appreciate a good time no matter the circumstances or harsh realities of life. For those first two years, although we didn’t consider ourselves best friends yet, I considered her a one of a kind individual I wanted to keep around for as long as I could. Because she immediately understood me faster than anyone else could try to fathom to, I didn’t have to try and explain why I felt the way I did about absolutely anything, because more than likely she shared the same thought processing. She was like the other side of the coin if in some other strange dimension we were walking currency, because if our hearts did differentiate, it was too easy to understand why.


I wish I could pin point exactly when it was that we realized we should’ve been best friends and spending every waking second together sooner, because the moment we did, was the day my memory log would have to expand because there would be too many to try and lock in. This past year could not have been what it was without her, because she came simultaneously when I needed someone to. I remember it was after a night we hung out and it had been months since we had one on one interaction, and she said, “I forgot how much I loved you, and how much fun we have, and we need to this more.” And it was like she stole the thoughts right before I could even put them together. It had to have been right around then, because our lives started to unnaturally align so alike that anything before didn’t seem to make much sense anymore. We were both getting rid of things that were holding us back, wanting to find our passions in life, awakening a sudden urge for outdoor adventures, and realizing maybe what we needed was someone to do it with at our side. She came exactly when I needed her, and I hope she can say the same. I can’t imagine what this year would have been like had we not spent our afternoons reading and blogging together, cooking dinners and feeling fulfilled as each others spouses because we don’t need no man, watching our TV shows together with one of a kind commentary, going out to the bars but at the end just wanting to come home like grandmas and sip on wine instead and talk the nonsense we do for hours on end. We got so close in such a short span of time that being apart for more than 48 hours was so unnatural and uncomfortable.


We all need someone we can call our other half, someone that understands you better than anyone, someone that will tell you exactly what you need to hear without holding back, someone that will make you feel like your ten years old again, someone that will be there for you for any kind of occasion, someone that shares your same sense of humor that is so hard to find, someone that will be mistaken for as your girlfriend, someone that loves God and wants to grow with Him the way you do, someone who adores their siblings and family as much as you do too, someone that shows you parts of the world you weren’t sure were there before because you could see them differently now, someone who loves what you love as much as you do if not more, someone who someone kind and thoughtful, unique and hilarious, and truly one of a kind and irreplaceable.

Neither one of us understand now why we didn’t just live together from the beginning, because she was undoubtedly my favorite roommate I only got to have for such a little while. But thankfully, but also regrettably, I got to spend so much time with her before she graduated and moved away to star her amazing life in the real world. It really saddens me to think about how I haven’t seen her in almost two months, because our lives have spiraled out into new journeys, but I know she knows that at the end of the day she is still a bridesmaid to be and our savings will be joined together one day in order to see the world together. Other halves like Carlee Niemeyer are rare, and I am so fortunate and thankful this world welcomed her today because I couldn’t see it without her. She deserves everything it has to offer, and I know she’ll continue to take it with open arms and a good head on her shoulders, with me and all her dear family and friends always supporting and loving her until the end.

Anyway, I really just wanted to write a blog post about Carlee Niemeyer because blogging is what we do, and what better type of birthday card than doing what I love to do best, which is writing long sappy paragraphs to the people I love. I also wanted everyone to know how thankful and appreciative I am for her. Without this girl, I really don’t think I would be where I am right now. Happy Birthday Carlee, I love and miss you but I’ll see you sooner than either of us could hope!

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