Graduation Carlee Photoshoot


One of my best friends is graduating, and she gave me the honor of taking and editing her pictures. I mean it when I proclaim that this girl is one of a kind, and anticipating her walking on stage and heading out into the real world is one of the most gratifying things I’ve felt in college yet. Here’s the album link to the photoshoot!

I’m going to miss spending every waking second with her, from night until morning, to reading our own books across each other in our room, cooking dinners and watching Bobs Burgers, spending any free time at the coffee bar writing in our blogs and having the workers know us by name, laughing for hours on end about jokes and theories we create no one else would understand, talking endlessly about life and our understanding of not needing the male species in it for a long time, drinking our woes away as soon as the week is over, obsessing over fictional characters in our books and shows and hooked on every new Game of Thrones episode, convincing me to do things just because I can, supporting me in everything I feel slightly apprehensive about, putting up with my hatred of sleeping alone, attempting to be healthy and make random but efficient smoothies, but if anyone is ready to take on the next chapter of her life, it’s her, and I guess I’m going to have to let the world have her.

You were the founder and president of an organization that led me to meet some of my bestest friends in college when I first came here as a freshman, including you. We didn’t always consider each other best friends until this year, which is unfortunate because you’re moving and I can’t spend every day with you anymore, but since the beginning I adopted you as my fake little because we saw, appreciated, laughed and experienced the world the same way, and you don’t come across that very often. I love you Carlee, thanks for being my twin ❤

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