35 Denton Festival Mix

Image courtesy of Marcus Laws and citylab.com
Image courtesy of Marcus Laws and citylab.com

My favorite part about college has been living in the city of Denton, the music culture and atmosphere is as passionate and prominent as it is in Austin, I never feel like I’m missing out from discovering new music and attending as many festivals as I can. This is my personal mix of band favorites for 35 Denton this weekend! These artists on this mix however are from as far as L.A. to as close as Oklahoma, but my favorite part about these mainly local centralized festivals is finding new music from the area, and I can’t wait to experience and discover them!

1. Dreamers – Wolves: 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Main Stage This band is from Brookelynn, New York, and honestly if you imagine a little bit more of slow paced Smallpools with more emphasis on the guitar and drums and not the electro feel, that’s who they remind me of. Easily a top three favorite of the show, you’ll bop your head for sure.

2. Lowell – Beat Drop: 10:30 p.m. Sunday at Dan’s Silverleaf She’s from Toronto, Canada! But she’s lived almost everywhere. If you wanna feel like a sassy badass snapping your fingers and tapping your foot, she’s the one you can’t miss. This song is catchy and admittedly the only one I know from hers, but I’m really excited to hear the rest.

3. The Lonely Wild – Everything You Need: 5:15 p.m. Sunday at Stage 2 This band comes from L.A. California, and might be my favorite band playing. This contemporary band makes me want to ride my horse into the sunset, while finding new adventures to take on with friends and laughing over a campfire at night in a desert. I don’t think I’ve felt that scenario with any other band before, so make sure you don’t miss it either!

4. Deerpeople – New Dance: 2:15 Saturday 2:15 Stage 2 They’re from Oklahoma City you guys! And if you like Young the Giant or Bad Suns, that’s pretty much the vibe here, really awesome stuff here, and this song especially. They started off with house parties and small local venues in Stillwater, OK, and I know that sounds familiar to many of us attenders or performers!

5. Cobalt Cranes – Heavy Heart: Saturday 12:30 a.m. at Greater Denton Arts Council We’re getting more into that grunge and garage rock feel here, born from an apartment in Los Angeles and just for fun bedroom recordings. They want to define their particular music as “California Grunge”, so let’s see how you feel about it!

6. Born Cages – Rolling Down that Hill: Saturday 9:30 p.m. Greater Denton Arts Council Second favorite band here for me! From New York, N.Y. itself. This indie rock band did pretty much everything I could love in a song. It’s like a mixture of old soft 90’s rock and guitar solos with some newish kind of 21st century elements, like that kind of electro that isn’t annoying. This is a must see and my second favorite band performing!

7. The Zombies – Time of the Season: Saturday 8:00 p.m. at Main Stage Of course, this was shouldn’t need much of my input. This band, and this song in particular, is classic and timeless. This band was from the 60s, but reminds me of early high school when my dad and best friend were introducing me to some classic music I couldn’t die without knowing. Really stoked to see them live, I love watching old bands get together and reminiscence along with the crowd, especially the older audience who were my age and listening to their songs!

8. Happyness – Montreal Rockband Somewhere: Sunday 9:30 p.m. Andy’s This is my favorite song out of all these. They’re from South London and their music is like an even slower version of Bright Eyes, and Bright Eyes is one of my favorite bands of all time. I love music, lyrics, that sing what you don’t want to say out loud, and that is what this band does. Their ambient and apathetic tunes actually transgress more emotion than any of the other bands did for me, and I know I’ll be definitely be keeping up with ironic Happyness titled band for a while.

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