Lost Stars


I really love adding movies to my favorites shelf, it’s an ecstatic feeling as it is fulfilling. We fall in love with movies because of the actors, the script, the cinematography, the story, and primarily the ability to tug at a seemingly comparable heart strings. The viewer is able to relate to the story, or it exemplifies something important to them. My favorite movies have done just that; hit close to home or stand for what I believe in and cherish. This movie in particular was the latter, or actually, a little of both. It was a story about music, love, finding yourself and beginning life again; all things that defined the year of 2014 for me.

Begin Again was about two individuals living their lives and stumbling into each others at just the right time, a singer/song writer, played by Keira Knightley, and a struggling record label executive, played by Mark Ruffalo, who collaborate together in more than just an opportunity for self discovery. The acting did not falter, and the pacing told the story in one of my most favorite methods of film directing. The music, sung by Knightley and her former on-screen boyfriend Dave Kohl, played by Adam Lavine, was the most gratifying and enjoyable aspect, aside from their relationship and situation mirroring the same type I found myself experiencing once. Because of that, the songs struck a sentimental chord I know wouldn’t have if I didn’t identify and recognize with Knightley’s character’s lyrics and remembering I was exactly in her shoes once. And if I could choose a song to describe a specific time from last year, word to word, it would be this movie’s theme song, Lost Stars. I even found my brain and heart conflicted again toward the end, as if I was taken back for a moment in time to the period of my life before I was able to distinguish what I really wanted.


But what this movie did instead of tearing and swallowing my heart up like the Notebook, was reminding me that I did exactly what I needed to do and am where I need to be because of it. Last year involved detaching every fragment of my heart from the old and welcoming in the new. I have fallen in love with the person I am becoming, the person I want to be, and everything I want to do to get there. Knowing that every chapter of my life I experienced beforehand had to have happened in order for me to be where I am today, allows me to welcome in the future without a hint of regret in my outstretched hands. I used to spend nights wondering if the things I let go were risks worth taking, moments worth only as cherished memories, and if I were ever going to wake up and know for certain that my decisions would be rewarded in the life I had set out to live. This year, I wake up with that feeling I longed for all of 2014. I have never felt more independent, gratified, peaceful and content with where I stand in this life given to me by the greatest composer who conducts my journey, the Lord Himself. I have become self aware in how I want to serve Him, become passionate and reawakened all my hobbies, a new itch for outdoor adventures and in higher pursuit of my dreams and career. A year ago I couldn’t confidently tell you my heart was happy, the way it is now.

There is so much I have yet to learn, to experience, dream of, and aspire to be, and none of this would have been possible had my life not played out the way it has. There is so much to look forward to because of it as well.

Music, movies, novels, friends, family, and moments are all here to become a part of the journey of self discovery and meaning, from the smallest to greatest impacts that I can appreciate in a variety of ways. In this example, it was a movie that brought and tied it all together, the passion and expression in music, the heartache, the self discovery, and the hope in the future because of it. Begin Again left me with a smile and a hand over my calm beating heart, because I was consciously reminded that I am exactly where I want to be .

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