Goodbye my dearest, oldest and longest friend.


This little creature, formally known as Luna, but also recognizes “Cub”, “Mama”, “Female”, “Tuna”, and “Cosita,” has been the longest friend I have ever had. She became our family’s first pet in 2001, I was in first grade, my sister was barely entering school and my brother was four years old. For almost as far as our memories can take us, there has never been a moment that our little Pomeranian wasn’t at our feet.¬†When we were little, we would hide in our forts and pretend she was a dragon and hide from her while she tried to break our walls down. She was never really good on a leash, and preferred being carried more than half the way around the block just to feel the fresh air. In middle school, she became a mother, and would never give birth until I would sit at her side after school. In high school, her spot was officially engraved on the left side of my pillow where she would sleep every night, even if I had to sneak her up. This little dog has been through every second of laughter I’ve shared with my siblings, every night of crying between heartbreaks, and my number one companion that enjoyed binge reading and watching anime as much as I did.

I am 20 year old, and I have spent more than half of my life sharing it with this little bundle of fur. For 15 years of that life I came home to the pit patters of her little paws running towards me when I opened the doors. Luna’s theme song could easily be identified as Beyonce’s “Diva” single, because that what this little sass animal was, a diva. She always had the personality of a Queen B, and her color was the fiery flames of red. She would ask to go outside just to stand and bark three times to the neighboring dogs, as if establishing her reign. She would run after cats, squirrels and dogs as fast as her little legs would take her. She would not fear dogs larger than her when she saw them walk through our windows, because she had that famous little dog syndrome. She claimed every pillow and blanket that dropped to the floor, can’t tell you how many of those we gave up just for her to call her own. My favorite thing about her was how much she loved to bury herself inside almost anything, we would lose her but find her sleeping under heaps of clothes inside a laundry basket, or nestled in sheets so deep that the only thing visible was her little black nose.

This little dog was my best friend Luna. I lived more than half of my life with you. You were so loved, will always be loved. No words can really express the missing part of my heart and soul that I feel right now, but I know the Lord has a place just for you and I will one day be there to open my arms to hold you again. These days will be the hardest for our family. None of it feels real, but when it does it’s as if someone carved a whole into my chest. It is going to take a while for me not to get used to coming home and seeing you, or hearing your cute sighs as you slept, and your high pitched barks when we asked you “que quieres!?” There is so much I will miss but remember my dear little friend. But the Lord also blessed me just in time to find your little sister, her name is Harley Quinn. You can not ever be replaced, she has quite some little paws to fill into, but I will love her for us both.

You lived and went peacefully, and in my heart you will always remain. I held you during your last seconds as they drifted you to sleep and told you until the very end how much we loved and treasured you.

My precious Luna, my heart hurts and misses you, thank you for everything mamita. Te quiero.

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