Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Big-Hero-6-645x370I’ve been on a movie haul for the past week, trying to get all the Oscar Best Picture nominated films taken care of before the show. Today however, I took a break from the deep thought provoking films and enjoyed one of my favorite film categories instead, animation. Big Hero 6 was created by Walt Disney Animation, so that already seals the deal for an enjoyable film for me. What’s even better, is that it was inspired by a Marvel comic, combine comics and Disney, and you have one very happy fanatic here. This director was also responsible for Bolt, and Chris Williams didn’t disappoint again.

The second the main character Hiro made his appearance, I immediately associated him with my younger brother. He was adorable in general, smart, witty, but accompanied by that appropriate jaded attitude we recognize in many 14 year old boys. What I loved the most about this character and his story, was that I think many kids will be able to relate, and I’m still keeping my brother in mind. Seeing his relationship with his older brother swooned my heart, and with his aunt, the family trio was so admirable. Hiro struggled with letting his talents go to waste by not pursuing higher opportunities, and other obstacles that I could see myself struggling with at that exact age too. He was so likable and entertaining, his character development was by far my favorite, and keep in mind every character in this movie learned something about themselves that always lay underneath.
I smiled uncontrollably throughout the whole film. The story wasn’t just another kid and robot trying to save the world with the help of their friends. I think the most difficult obstacle to cope with in the world is that of loss, overcoming the resolutions sought with revenge, and this movie couldn’t have told the story of it any better. Growing from the challenges life presents you was an important theme, and every character in the film was able to attribute to that. Especially Hiro’s new robatic companion, Baymax. They reminded me of the relationship of the Iron Giant, so my heart strings were already being tugged with reminiscence. This robot made me want a stuffed toy version of him to hold. Baymax was able to discover more about the human heart, while Hiro was able to understand and unravel his.
 As for the rest of the characters, that’s what really made the film even more entertaining and enjoyable. They were the perfect combination of humor, intelligence, fun, sincerity, just everything you could imagine a 14 year old could look up to, and even I as a 20 year old, would love in a friend. They reminded me of anime archetypes, but even better. One character specifically, Fred, really stole the show for me. He was a comic book fan, and his lines throughout the whole film had me giggling uncontrollably. He was that character that said what everyone else was thinking out loud. The movie was hilarious overall; I definitely laughed out loud enough times to keep waking up my cat and make her leave the room.
I was actually surprised by the plot twists the movie presented, if there is one thing I enjoy about a good story is an unpredictable turn of events. I was surprised multiple times throughout the film, when I thought I had the story already figured out. It’s entertaining and fun throughout. I could watch spin off’s of these characters engaging in more adventures, that’s how much I loved them in action. And I wouldn’t pass up any opportunity for more Baymax and Hiro.
Paired with an excellent story, the animation was phenomenal. The setting took place in future San Francisco, but what I really liked about the atmosphere was that the city was run down, despite the new technology that surfaced in everyone’s homes and schools. I felt it was a very realistic take on what the future could hold despite the continuous advancement of technology. Cities don’t just disappear and are taken over by a futuristic marble glass buildings, so I really liked the take on the background in the film. The scenes where they flew and fought were phenomenal. The music didn’t specifically stand out to me, nothing besides the Fall Out Boy theme song for the film. This might be one of the reasons How to Train Your Dragon 2 might have some extra points in to take for the Oscars. They were both beautiful stories about boys becoming men, leaning on companions and facing things together, and learning how to solve very similar issues signifying their maturity and understanding.
My final thoughts and rating for the film, was a solid 8.5/10. My only complaints might be that the ending felt a little rushed, and the music was lacking, but overall I would watch this movie over and over again because I would find something new to laugh at, cry at, and smile about. Also, make sure you stick around for the credits, because I was jumping up and down out of my seat for a certain almost unsurprising cameo.

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